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Martin Wezowski

Human and work in a superhuman future

Martin Wezowski is Chief Designer and futurist at SAP Technology & Innovation strategy office. He moved across a range of disciplines from UX, to systemic design to define innovation visions and strategies. Right now, he is on the mission to map, build and inspire a future we all want to live in.

Martin Wezowski crafts future outlooks, moonshots, strategies and products, defines and runs innovation frameworks to find out what’s the future of humans and work. In 2017 he was named 1 of 100 most innovative minds in Germany as the “Software visionary”.

In an exponential and converging digital-fueled change, we design a relationship, a behavior, that the product will follow. This change is our most important innovation brief and the stakes are high. Technology is the human evolution, it creates a playground that Martin calls the “Humachine”, a symbiosis between human ingenuity and machine intelligence, this opens new horizons for our imagination in a time when “now” has never been so temporary. Bringing these thoughts together we need to answer the question “What is human, and what is work in a superhuman future?”

Martin Wezowski studied construction engineering, design and modern media production technologies. Prior to joining SAP in 2013, he worked for Sony Ericsson (Sweden) as creative director for 7 years. He also lived in Shenzhen, China for 2 years while serving as director of the UX board (Huawei). His innovation strategies helped to bring the Chinese tech giant’s consumer business from number 8 to number 3 in the marketplace.

He frequently shares his passion for the future, technology and innovation as international keynote speaker. He builds on his adventures stretching from Poland, Sweden, China to Germany. He believes that everything can and should be given a purpose through innovation and design, including the innovation systems themselves.


  • Human-Machine relationship
  • Future Technologies
  • Change
  • Corporate futurism
  • Strategy
  • Methods to craft desirable futures
  • Innovation
  • Creative culture and design
  • Science

Martin talks about the mechanics and dynamics of change. How fast is it? What it means to be an innovator and strategist is transforming faster than before, from classic product definition and styling of the superficial, to systemic connections of everything, including social and political systems, deeply rooted in a space of challenges and promises between cutting edge tech and humanism.

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