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Jonas Kjellberg is a much appreciated lecturer at Stanford University and Stockholm School of Economics where he lectures on entrepreneurship and how to create a winning sales culture. He is also the co-author of the book, Gear up.

Jonas Kjellberg joined Skype very early on and worked in Skypes founding office. He was VP head of sales at Telecoms, responsible for all sales and revenues from Skype out and Skype In standing for 90% of the revenue stream.

Jonas has a MBA from Uppsala University and an engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Jonas is also an experienced Venture investor: Jonas was assigned to build Kinneviks internet investment arm, with success investments as Zalando, Rocket Internet, Hello Fresh, Avito, Yell, Dafiti, Lamoda. Jonas was also the Chairman for ICloud, sold to Apple and Founder of Player:IO. He is also one of the authors of the book, Gear up, written together with Harvard and Stanford professors.

His focus is on digitalization and how to delight the user. What needs to be done to secure the innovation intent, but even more fundamental: How can sales be built into the product, in order to transform your customers into being a part of your sales force by sharing their stories of delight. Ask yourselves how you as an organization can increase the frequency of that message, to create that friction free story?

To secure the delight and strengthen it in every action taken, everyone in the company needs to share the idea of the Delight, and understand the customer need that the company is solving. Since a 100% of all revenues come from sales, all functions needs to be involved in creating the delight.

Jonas Kjellberg is specialized in developing a fundamental understanding for how product, sales and profitability must interact in order to create successful business. He supports management teams in developing their overall sales strategy and a winning sales culture. Organisations today face new demands as customer satisfaction is becoming more and more transparent with users increasingly sharing their experiences.

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